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Monteverde history

The Monteverde zone started to be populated in 1918 by some local farmers who look for uninhabited lands to settle. Nevertheless it could say that the first habitants were the Corobici natives; a hunter tribe. But Quakers (a Christian religious group) from Alabama were who transformed the region and turn it to the actual natural paradise. This people arrived to Costa Rica because they were jailed for refusing the Korean War since the Quakers has a pacifist philosophy. Then Costa Rica was the perfect country for them since in 1948 the army had been dissolved. The Quakers chose Monteverde zone for its climate whose features are excellent for farming.

In 1951; eleven families came to this zone, which was named “Monteverde” (Green Mountain) for them. The Quakers purchased 3000 acres in “Cerro Plano” hill (this was the name of the zone before the Quaker arrived).

Two years later, the Quakers founded the Cheese Factory which is actually one of the most important of the country and is the base of the Monteverde economy. Some years later, the large private reserves of Monteverde were created; this fact generates the immigration of a great variety of People like biologists, artists, musicians, tourists and laborers.

Actually Monteverde receives almost one million of visitors per year so the tourism is another important economic activity in the zone but also mean a serious environmental problem. Nevertheless the Montverde future is good thanks its ecological politics.

The Monteverde Region with the Santa Elena town as the center is situated in the Cordillera of Tilaran at an altitude of between 1200 and 1500 meters above sea level. Monteverde has a population of about 5000 people; average daily temperature is 15-24 with dry season from January to April and rainy season from May to November. Recommendation: to bring a rain gear as well as pants and a light jacket.

Monteverde with his protected cloud forest reserves, his extraordinary flora and fauna is known as one of the most famous ecotourism destinations in Central America. We recommend you to stay at least a few days to explore the Monteverde Region, one of the most interesting places to visit in Costa Rica.



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