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Mision and Vision

As the pioneers of this adventure activity we aspire to be true professionas in the tourism industry in everything we do with world-class quality, service and safety.

The main goal of the company is to help conserve rainsforest for future generations by allowing visitors the opportunity to safely ascend into the Canopy level of the rainforest in a unique and adventurous manner.

Only by educating our clients about the intrincate balance of nature in this final frontier can we hope to stop its destruction.






The Original Canopy Tour Monteverde ™ was founded in 1994 in the samll town of Monteverde, located just hours from the province of Puntarenas (Costa Rica). The Original Canopy Tour Monteverde ™ was the first company in the world dedicated to tourism of "canopy tour" and was created to give opportunitiy to our visitors to enjoy the most exotic and axciting adventure of their lives, while create environmental awareness in participants amd show them that if they could have a sustainable development with nature. The Original Canopy Tour Monteverde ™ has over 15 years of experience in the business of canopy tour, for this reason, we provide a quality service with the higest security. Our staff is highlt qualified and trained.

The Original Canopy Tour Monteverde ™ uses techniques developed by practitioners of declines in caves, canyons and hills to provide the opportunity to ascend the cloud forest canopy and have the good fortune to observe the forest from a perspective that only one group of selected scientists and photographers could have. You cross the cloud forest from tree to tree and from platform to platform using a combined system of pulleys and horizontal strings. Our expert guides will give assistence in thie incredible journey through the different layers of the cloud forest. Our tour located in a rpivate reserve just 10 minutes from the town of Santa Elena and mos importantly, is safe and fun for the whole family.

For the nature lovers we recommend you visit the The Original Canopy Tour Monteverde ™ to enjoy a naturalistic tour, and if mixing adventure and fun with the higest security.

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